The Artist




Consistent with her own unorthodox and provocative concepts, LA-Based Artist Rebecca Heinicke is looking to inspire emotional equality through her complex Abstract and Expressionist paintings. Rebecca's creative process involves capturing raw feelings that are integrated within a specific emotion or subject and deconstructing them down to the core values. This process enables her to encapsulate the micro-expressions that construct visual emotions and reconfigure them in such a way that the viewer is able to feel the texture of the emotions and delve deep into a sense of empathy for the unfamiliar. 

Current Exhibitions and Displays

Rebecca is currently a featured artist at The Art of Monteque and BeverlyHillsART. She is exhibiting locally in Oxnard, doing private showings at the Tuesday Gallery, and recently featured at the Splore Launch Event in Venice, California at the G2 Gallery.

Rebecca's work is currently on solo display for JUNE/JULY 2016 at Bee's Boba & Juicery in Canoga Park, as well as at the Canoga Park Artwalk that occurs every third Thursday. Her Artwalk display is located inside and in front of Bee's Boba & Juicery

Featured from top left to bottom center:  "Just Focus" ,  "Body of Loss" ,  "Brain on Anxiety" ,  "Avoidance"

Featured from top left to bottom center: "Just Focus", "Body of Loss", "Brain on Anxiety", "Avoidance"

Artist Statement

"To truly inspire within art, is to create a point of chaos that connects to the viewer in the same moment it is bringing clarity. In order to build that passion within another person, I deconstruct whichever emotion I am conveying and explore it's singular expressions. Every feeling or subject that I want to expose is assembled and held together by minute particles, essentially, woven in between facets that provide texture. This texture is what makes the painting exceptional; it's the aspect that gives empathy to the viewer. By creating a painting that is of substance, passion, and congruency, I am working to uncover emotional equality between individuals that stand worlds apart." - Rebecca Heinicke